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Category: Review

***BLOG TOUR + GIVEAWAY*** The Revelations Series by Pamela Daniell

Revelations (The Revelations Series #1) 
Defiance (The Revelations Series #2)
Author: Pamela Daniell
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance
Jenna Morgan is just like any normal teenager. That is until she turns seventeen. In a matter of a week Jenna is kidnapped, meets a mysterious young man named Alex and learns the shocking truth about her true heritage, which is the reason both demons and angels are hunting her.


Just when she comes to accept her new identity the unthinkable happens leaving Jenna devastated. She soon meets Dylan, a small town homeboy who quickly heals her heart. But when his life is threatened by the same monsters who had already tore her world apart will Jenna be able to save him…or will she die trying?

In the past year, Jenna Connors has discovered she’s a Nephilim, been pursued by angels and demons, and faced a devastating betrayal that left her no choice but to agree to the angel’s ultimatum in order to save someone she loved.


Just when life is getting back to normal, Jenna discovers a shocking secret that threatens to destroy her world once again. Defying the angels to keep them safe, Jenna is thrust into her worst nightmare.

my review
The start of the series will catch you by storm! Not only was I transfixed from start to finish, I was left wanting more!!
Jenna is the main character and she goes through some trials in her young life. Heaven and Hell is fighting for her soul. There are not many books that give you a prequel.Usually, it’s scattered throughout the story, I can appreciate being prepared!
The characters in this series are very real. You can feel Jenna’s loss, pain, anger, sadness, fear, and love throughout the first book. I won’t put any spoilers.
As Jenna’s character progresses, the story gains more action and adventure as Jenna is brought into herself. There is no damsel in distress in this series! I love a strong heroin as long as she stays real and Pamela did an excellent job of that.
Pamela created a world that is real. Everything going on could be happening right now and we don’t even know it…(hint, hint :))
I like Dylan’s character. I like the unique relationship between Dylan and Jenna. I think it could grow into something big! There are some great surprises to this book that will leave you reeling.
These book are solid 4 1/2 stars. They will keep you interested from start to finish. You won’t be able to put the books down once you start.
Pamela Daniell was born and raised in Little Falls, New York. After graduation she moved to Long Island with her high school sweetheart and they were married shortly after. They soon added three biological children and adopted two through the foster care system to complete their family.

As a child Pamela loved books, and with the urging of her grade school teacher to ‘Keep on writing’ has been writing ever since. Even with her crazy work and family schedule she finds the time to bring her stories to life so others can enjoy them.