***COVER COVET*** Lost in Me, Found in You by Ivy Love


Lost In Me, Found In You
by Ivy Love
Cover Reveal
Erotic Romance
best friends who are finding themselves and struggling with their pasts, their
presents and making sure their futures get the happily-ever-after they’ve
always wanted.
Isabella and Liz are best friends, each struggling, each with
difficult decisions to make. One of them
is dealing with an abusive husband, while the other relives the horrors of her
Isabella has a quiet strength lingering beneath the surface, she
just needs someone to release it.
Isabella’s best friend, Liz, is wild, happy and carefree. She’s suffered in the past and now she’s
looking out for her.
Two best friends who support each other until the very end. The decisions they make will have the power
to impact now only their lives, but the lives of those around them.
Will they make it through their hearts in tact?
Will they get their happily-ever-after?
Or will they find themselves struggling to keep the life they know
“Hey honey.” I say, tentatively approaching the couch. I can smell
his drink from five feet away and he’s been drinking for a couple of hours now.
“Yeah, what do you want?” he asks, looking me up and down. “And
why are you dressed like that?”
“What do you mean, I thought I looked cute.” I stutter.
“You look like a fucking slut. What do you want? I’m watching
“I just wanted to remind you that I’m going out tonight. Remember, I’m going out with Liz to go to
that club,” I say a bit softer.
“No, I don’t fucking remember.
I would have remembered you telling me you’re going to a club. So how about you explain it to me again?” he
asks sitting up a bit, placing his glass on the table beside him.
I take a deep breath and try to remain calm, “Liz is a part of a
club and she invited me to come with her tonight. There isn’t a membership fee or anything so I
won’t have to pay and I’ll be going as her guest.”
“What type of club is it?” he asks his voice growing louder.
“It’s a BDSM club,” I say in a wobbly voice.
“Let me get this straight.” He pauses. “You’re going out and
asking my permission to fuck someone else!” he screams, lunging from the couch
and grabbing my arm.
“Ouch, you’re hurting me!
We have had this argument already!” I gasp trying to pull my arm out of
his grip. “No, I’m not going there to
have sex. I’m only going with Liz because she wants company tonight. She
doesn’t want to go alone because she’s hit her third month there. After you’ve
been a member for three months you’re able to choose if you want to enter into
a sexual partnership with someone. She’s nervous because she wants to move
forward, but doesn’t trust her own judgment anymore. I’m not going to do anything. I would never do anything. You’re my husband
and I love you more than anything, even when you’re being a total ass. You should know that by now.”
“Damn right, you would never do anything. I think you’re lying about telling me. I would have remembered that shit, drunk or
sober.” He snarls. “Here’s the deal, you’re not going to let anyone fucking
touch you, if you do I’ll know,” he growls letting my arm go.
I rub my arm, knowing that by the end of the night, I’ll have
another bruise to try and hide.
He looks me up and down, “Go have fun with your friend at your
whore house, looking like the slut you are.”
“I am not a slut, nor am I dressed like a slut and it is not a
whore house, who knows you might like what happens when I come home.”
He laughs, “I haven’t touched you in months and you think that
because you’re going to some club that I’m going to want to touch you all of a
sudden? You’re out of your fucking mind.”
I stand there my hands clenched at my side.
“Just get out of here.”
“Okay, have a good night, I love you,” I lean in to give him a
kiss and he grabs my arms stopping me mid-way.
“Yeah have a good time, see you later,” he says resuming his spot
on the couch.


I live in the wonderful and naughty Sin City aka Las Vegas. I’m a paralegal by
day and writer by night. Plus, I make time to play and hang out with my four,
yes, four dogs.
When I was in grade school, I was your classic nerd. I spent more time reading books
“above my grade level” and getting lost in them, than paying attention to the
people around me. I loved the journey each book would take me on, I still do.
When I was thirteen I picked up a pencil and wrote my first hundred-page story. It
was then I fell in love with writing. That moment I realized that I could not
only lose myself in books, but in my own words.
I currently have several works in progress, but I’ve only recently begun to share
my writing. Thanks to some serious encouragement from some amazing authors and
friends, I’m taking the leap. So far, I’ve loved every step of my journey.
Whether you end up liking my work or not, I appreciate that you took the time to check
out my work.

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