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♥~~Promo~~♥ THE COUGAR DIARIES by Aoife Brennan

the cougar diaries-the prequel cover pic

The Cougar Diaries, the prequel, is a collection if three stories that got away. The three individuals – Shirley, Frank and Derek – all know me. Shirley is my friend and Frank and Derek both asked me out on dates.


the cougar diaries-part 1 cover pic

The Cougar Diaries Part I was a book about the year in the life of Aoife Brennan, Dubliner, newly separated, mother to two teenage boys who was struggling to make sense of family law, deal with her difficult ex-husband, hold down a job and date again. She makes some crazy choices, takes some funny decisions and goes on some questionable dates. But her heart is pure and at the end of book one there is hope.


the cougar diares part 2 cover pic

In book two we pick up on her rollercoaster life. There are more adventures, heart breaks, victories and a casualty or two along the way. This is real life, this is the real Aoife.



‘Right girl, let’s get you out of there and dry,’ said Chris.

I was disturbed from my time warp reverie and now, unreasonably, did not want to leave my warm bath of bubbles. I felt a little shy but Chris has already arisen and was holding open a fluffy bath sheet. I fished for the plug chain and pulled it. I put both hands on the sides of the bath and slowly drew myself upright. Then as the water surged softly around my legs Chris held out a hand and I took it, using him to balance as I stepped out, streaked in water and bubbles. Chris gently enfolded me in the towel. He patted me dry all over, stroking my back and legs. He took a small hand towel and dried my face. I wondered, belatedly, if my makeup had smudged on my face. It didn’t seem the moment to check in the mirror and I stood like a child in the warm towel as he dried me. When he was satisfied, he stood back. 
‘Come,’ he said and I followed him into the bedroom. In the time I had been lying, thinking, in the bath, Chris had totally modified the bedroom. Candles were again lit all over and on the bed he had scattered rose petals. My mouth formed a silent O and I stopped in shock and wonder.
‘It’s beautiful,’ I said in a small voice.
‘I’m glad you like it,’ he said and unwrapped the towel from my body. Despite being now dry and despite the warmth of the room, I shivered. 
‘I want to give you a massage first,’ said Chris and he ushered me to the bed. I lay face down on the pillow breathing the rose petals. I now heard the music, Evanescence, and she was asking how he could see into my eyes, like open doors. ‘Wake me up inside, call my name and save myself from the nothing I’ve become. Now that I know what I am without, you can’t just leave me. Wake me up inside, call my name and save me.’ The words flooded over me with startling clarity even as Chris’ strong hands started rubbing oil across my back. Pinpricks of tears were at the back of my eyes. I shuddered deeply. His hands rolled down my arms and back to my neck. The oil soaked into my dry skin. He kneaded and massaged me and I could feel a familiar ache low in the pit of my stomach. He didn’t speak and I didn’t trust myself to say anything. I clenched my eyes tight shut and concentrated on breathing. Nothing less, nothing more.
‘Turn over Aoife,’ he whispered in my ear after about fifteen minutes and like a somnambulist I did, opening my eyes to look at him. Somehow he had managed to take off his clothes without my noticing. I looked at his strong, familiar body and a rush of lust and wonder flooded me. 
‘I was going to massage your front too, but I don’t think I’d be able,’ he said apologetically indicating his large erection. ‘My cock might get in the way, I think.’
I grinned. ‘I think it is time for some Chris loving,’ I said. ‘This princess has been pampered enough.’
Chris bent his head and kissed me, a slow deep satisfying kiss. I curled my arms around his neck and kissed him back. His tongue pushed into my mouth and I sucked it, nibbled at his lips. Our bodies were now touching down our entire length and I drew one leg around his muscular thigh and pulled him closer to me. Chris was balancing on his forearm and one hand curled into the small of my back. In a sudden move, he rotated us so that we were first on our sides and then I was top. I smiled. I so wanted to return the pampering. I drew back and surveyed my man. My God he was beautiful: I was with a god. 



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