♥~~Review~~♥ SHATTERED SKIES: NIGHT WAVES by Heather Linn

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Title: Shattered Skies: Night Waves

Author: Heather Linn

Series: Shattered Skies Saga (#2)

Genre: SciFi/Horror/Fantasy

Publisher: Self Published

Release Date: Mar 18 2013

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Catalina, or “Cat” as her friends and enemies both lovingly and mockingly call her, continues her quest to free the human race from their dark Vampiric overlords. Confused by love, driven by hate, Cat finds out that the lines of good and evil aren’t as black and white as they once were, but deep and foreboding shades of gray. Just as she has begun to make peace with all of the changes her life has went through, fate shakes things up again. Her closest allies aren’t what they seem, while those who were once enemies may uncover the salvation of human race. This time will Cat land on her feet or fall to the will to those she thought she could trust. Will the lies that are uncovered turn her life inside out or will the truth be more then she can bear. As Cat is torn from her reality can she keep from being consumed by the night waves?



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I am a mother to three beautiful children, they keep me busy. I live in a small town that’s filled with monsters and really nice people alike. I love taking walks around the mountain trails where I live and I love taking trips to the Ocean, especially the South Carolina beaches. The ocean brings me tranquility and refreshes me, but I don’t get to go there often enough. Some mornings I listen to nothing but sad country songs for hours but when I write, I usually buckle down with my headphones and listen to something raw and angry like  Seether,  and Stone Sour.     I can be shy around people but I’m mostly always honest within myself. In many ways, on many levels, I express different parts of myself through my characters. Someone told me once that you are only as old as you feel  and I love that! In fact, I love that idea because personally, have no intentions of ever growing up!  I want to be 18 forever no matter what they do to me. LOL!


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The second person was a woman. She looked to be about our age and she was definitely human, though she was trying hard not to look it. Her hair was as black as the night itself, but her face was pure and angelic. She looked like someone that you instantly wanted to comfort. She was beautiful and she knew it. There was something about her that I didn’t like, some vibe that she was giving off. Of course, maybe it was the way she was looking at Darien. I was sure she saw him like she saw most of the men that she encountered. He was a challenge. I knew her look. I’d seen it before. I knew that she thrived on the thrill of the hunt. The tension between me and her silently grew; I knew I wouldn’t let her win this trophy and she thought she was going to easily claim the handsome prize attached to my hand. I could tell that she would go after him, not because he was better looking than Walker and Jaden, because he wasn’t, but because out of the three men in our group, he appeared to be the one that was already spoken for. A real predator will pick a free range animal over a caged one any day. But this wasn’t the case with her because jealousy drove her, and jealousy makes you realize that you may not be the center of a guy’s world like you need to be. I took my eyes off the woman long enough to look at Darien who was oblivious to her stare. Point one for me. I didn’t see the third person walk in. I was too busy looking down at Darien’s hand in mine. But then Darien piqued my attention when he squeezed my hand so hard that I was sure it was going to break. My eyes shot right to Darien’s face and I was surprised to see his mouth hanging wide open. Not wanting to, I slowly turned my head to follow his gaze. What he was looking at sent my head spinning.

       Standing less than three feet in front of me stood the female version of Akia. I felt the color drain from my face, I felt my pulse quicken, and I felt my other hand reaching for my gun.

       “Don’t even think about it, Cat.” The voice came from Walker. “You pull that gun and I will have it out of your hands faster than you can blink.” I absolutely hated when he reminded me that he was still the boss, even though he looked our age, there was no question who the alpha of the family was.

       “Who the hell is that and why the hell is she here?” My voice was drenched in disapproval. Good, that is exactly what I was going for. But inside my heart was trying to tear free from my chest! Why would Walker bring someone in here that looked so much like the man that I could never be with? Darien rubbed my hand making circles, trying to calm me down. I was so pissed and confused that I was shaking.

       “Cat, I would like you to meet Makeen and Jessie,” Walker said, and he gestured toward the giant man and the drop dead gorgeous bitch who had somehow managed to become my least favorite person in the world. When I didn’t acknowledge either of them, my eyes never leaving the face of the female Akia, he continued. “And this is Kira. She is Akia’s twin sister.”



This is the second book in the Shattered Skies series. It picks up right where the last book left off.

Cat is still hell bent on freeing the humans from the rule of the vampires. What she realizes in this war, is that the line may not be so easily drawn in the sand. Between love and hate, there is so much gray area. And to makes matters worse, her closest allies aren’t who she thought they were. There are many secrets and some will break everyone.

What can I say…BRAVO TO HEATHER LINN!!! I loved the first book in the series, Beginnings End. I loved that it was different than most of the vampire novels I have read. There is a very distinct line between good and evil. At least, until Cat steps in.

I can’t help but love Akia. I know he is supposed to be the bad guy and all, but I cannot seem to help myself. I trust him more than I trust Cat’s allies in this book. It breaks my heart what happens. I won’t go into too much detail as I don’t want to give it away.

We get introduced to Kira, Akia’s twin sister. I am not sure what to think of her character. Really, I don’t. I understand her feelings because of being Akia’s twin, but this book borderlines on girl on girl and I just am not into that. But, still interesting none the less.

There are some very priceless moments in this book. I won’t tell you which because, again, it will give it away. But, I will give a hint…in the cave during the hunt. When he walks in to see what is happening…Heather, you know what I am talking about…priceless!! (Not to mention the sweet little yumminess going on with the male prisoner).

I would highly recommend this book. But, you must read the first one first. You won’t understand what it happening otherwise. Or how Cat dug such a whole for herself. I just have one question……

HEATHER??? WHY??? WHY DID YOU DO THAT AT THE END???? I was in tears!!!! I still am!!!!!

Wickedly Fantastic!!!!


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