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{Wicked Wednesdays-October 16, 2013}

This week’s “Wicked” book that is on my TBR that I cannot wait to get my hands on!

The Last Call by Patti Larsen

Title: The Last Call
Author: Patti Larsen
Genre: YA, Paranormal
Series: Hayle Coven Series
Mommy Dearest
My stomach churned, turned over. Settled. Damn it, everything made me feel nauseated these days. I was lucky not to have had a pukey pregnancy at the outset, but I was more than making up for it the last month or so.
You’re eating too much meat, Shaylee sent.
No, my demon growled, she’s not eating enough.
You need to drink more water, sent my vampire.
Water. Nice of her to remind me. I’d just gone to the bathroom before Lula arrived. And, wouldn’t you know it? Had to go again.
Syd is ready to have the freedom to pursue Ameline and avenge Liam’s loss. But being a mother is far more pacifying than she expected, and she finds it easy to get lost in her new baby. It turns out, Ameline is the least of her worries. How much pain can one heart take? Syd is about to find out…
I saw this book on a tour on another blog. I thought…hmmm…giveaway…Absolutely!! So as I was entering the giveaway, I saw there were more books in the series..this is the 20th! I am always intrigued by series and I absolutely love them!! So I got to looking at the blurbs and was like…oh yes..these are going on my TBR. So, when I thought of this meme, I thought, you know I want to feature a paranormal book on my TBR every week in hopes that I prompt myself to buy, rent, or win it and get it read before the next week’s post. We shall see. So, come next week, if I get the series started, I will also post a review of the book from last week. Happy Reading!!
*Wicked Wednesdays is sponsored by Buried Under Books Blog and is a preview of a book on my TBR that is of the paranormal genre only and will feature a review of that book the next week*

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