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{Review} ADINA FALLING by Melissa Brodsky

I have had the grand opportunity this week to read the new release of one of my favorite authors…Melissa Brodsky. I have read two of the books in her other two series; “Hallows Haven” and “Dark Redemption.” Both of which were so fantastic. I am dying to read the next book in both of those series. So, when I was approached to read her new release “Adina Falling,” I didn’t hesitate. Absolutely! I would read her notes with unfinished ideas of she asked me to! So, without further ado, here it is!!

Best-selling erotica author, Adina LaCroix lives a fairly charmed, normal life. Born a Vampire , Adina is forever 21. She is successful, beautiful and wealthy, the envy of women and the object of desire for men. Her days are occupied with more human pursuits such as writing and avoiding unwanted phone calls from her publisher and her mother. With nightfall, however, her Vampire nature takes over and her hunt for blood and sex consume her.

Wanting to keep her conscience clean, she refuses to kill her prey, usually men with dark secrets. Instead, she uses the gift of mind control to implant permanent fears into her victim’s minds, ones so horrific that they will live in fear of death if they continue their evil ways. It was her way of doing the world a favor. 

After her divorce from Michael Diamante, one of the most power-hungry and evil vampires in the world, Adina has remained single. Threats of permanent death from Michael have made her hesitant to find a mate. However, rumors have begun circulating around plans the Elders, the governing body of Vampires, have in store for her. 

Plagued by a recurring nightmare, Adina begins a quest for answers. The only problem, instead of finding what she has been looking for; Adina is faced with more questions. Questions in the form of two men, Caleb Locke and Xander Stark.

One man holds promises of undying love and passion while the other holds the key to unlocking her secrets, and maybe even her heart.

Melissa used to tell everyone she was going to be a writer when she grew up. Well, she is suddenly a grown up and it looks like she was telling the truth.

Living in a modern-day “Yours, Mine and Ours” household, Melissa is the biological mother of 3 children and the full-time stepmother to her husbands 2 children. On some days, she may even be considered “evil”…and not just as the stepmother!

With a strange vampire fascination since she was young, it was only natural that Melissa began writing stories about the Paranormal. 

She is currently co-authoring a Paranormal Romance trilogy with fellow writer Nicole Andrews Moore called “The Dark Redemption Series”. Book 1 is due out in June 2013.

And because she has so much free time on her hands, Melissa is also working on a YA Paranormal Series, the first book “Hallows Haven” will be available late summer.

OK, so like I gushed before, I absolutely LOVE Melissa’s writing. Her style is so unique because of the way she makes the story come to life right off the pages. She has a very distinct way to make you forget about what is going on around you and only care about what you are reading. Even if it is your kids screaming because they are STARVING! 

When the book first opens up, I wasn’t sure what I was expecting. I knew I was going to LOVE this book, but I had not even read the blurb to see what the book was about. So, when this bad-ass, sexy vampire chick shows up, I was like….What?!?!

I absolutely, without any reasonable doubt, above and beyond anything I had ever loved, LOVE Adina!! If I was a vampire, I’m telling you, I would be her. She is sexy, smart, erotic, mouthy, and bad-ass all wrapped into one tiny little package. She is the epitome of female vampire. She doesn’t want to have a mate at this time. She is so happy and content being on her own to ravish whomever she chooses. Who wouldn’t?! Not to mention her ex-husband is a powerful, lunatic vampire!! Ya, I would so be running for the hills and crawling in the first deep dark hole I could find! But not her. No way! She knows he is watching her. She knows he is everywhere she is. So she makes sure he enjoys the show!!

Everything is going so good for her until the day her ex shows up on her doorstep. Not only was she not expecting him, she certainly didn’t expect what he had to tell her. He knows all about the blind date she is going on. And he wants to make sure she doesn’t go on it. His threats are lost to her once she realizes whatever it is that makes him so upset about her going also scares him! She has never seen him scared of anything. All the more reason for her to go!!

I hate her ex-husband. Right down to the very pit of my soul. He makes me want to rip out my intestines, eat them, digest them, poop them out, and swallow them again; only to go through this process until there is nothing left of them. He makes me that sick!! I LOVE you Melissa for making by far the best bad guy in a book….EVER! He is so arrogant, powerful, and sexy which makes me hate him all the more! Only because I would jump him the minute he walked through my door! HA

During all of this, there is something happening. The Fae are disappearing at an alarming rate; a problem her best friend tells her about. Adina has reason to believe her ex-husband is behind it as he makes a drug using Fae blood that is getting everyone addicted. Even she was when they were married; this being how he kept control of her. She keeps having this recurring dream about being in a vampire execution camp. Her only saviour, a very handsome vampire with long dark hair and piercing blue eyes reaching his hand to her. A hand she can never reach. She doesn’t know what it means or whether it might be connected to the disappearing Fae so she reaches out to the Elders for help. Only to find out they are holed up in an unknown location. There is definitely something going on!

Before her date, Adina meets another man, Caleb; a vampire which whom wants the same fun she does the night she meets him. What she doesn’t expect is this Adonis of a man gets down into the pit of her soul; a place no one has ever been. She doesn’t know what to expect with him. She only knows she wants nobody but him for the rest of eternity. How could life get any better?

Caleb is what I consider to be the male vampire package that I would envision when I become one some day. I would let him capture me, torture me, and then lovingly lick up every last drop! Holy mother of God!! Melissa sure knows how to make them so yummy. No matter if they are good or bad!! LUM LUM LUM

So, Adina decides to go on her blind date anyway. With the blessing of Caleb of course. After her arrival, she feels strange. She is scanning the crowd for a man all his lonesome. She doesn’t even hear him approach. As she turns around to face him, her whole life falls apart.

What an excellent cliffhanger!!! I simply cannot wait for the next book in December. It can’t come fast enough!! Melissa has done an excellent job yet again. Yes, the story starts a little slow but it is necessary. There are so many things that are need-to-know because of how the story plays out. Do not get discouraged!! You will not be sorry!!

This book is the must read of the Fall season!! Do not waste your time or money on anything else! Get your copy of this book! This is a very well deserved 5 stars!!

Purchase your copy here: Amazon

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