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Special Feature for Today: Stolen Hearts by Christy Newton REVIEW

Twenty-two year old, Cammie Adams knows one thing for sure – life isn’t fair. She’s still an emotional wreck from the tragic loss of her parents seven years ago. Right after she gets her PI license she is not only robbed, but abducted, only to find her life was all a lie. When she finds her mother’s diary, she discovers she was only a pawn in her mother’s dangerous game. Now she must get back what is rightfully hers from the man that murdered her mother.

Hot and mysterious, Simon Fisher has really only loved one thing – jewels. This ex-jewel thief, now bodyguard, doesn’t even know what hits him when he rescues Cammie as a favor to her father. Simon must protect her, but soon finds out where there’s trouble Cammie isn’t far behind. She will not only steal his prized jewel, but his heart.

Christy Newton is a hopeless romantic with a weakness for warm cookies and dark chocolate. She lives in Indiana with her supportive husband and two amazing daughters.

Twitter: @CNewtonAuthor

I have always been a fan of the romance genre. There is nothing better than sitting down, opening the cover of my new romance novel, getting lost in the fantasy of the perfect man sweeping me off my feet; taking me to a land where everything is unicorns and rainbows…..

And Christy did not deny me!! Whereas most romance novels are more centered around how great in bed he is or how wonderful he looks without his shirt on, Christy made the characters real for me. They had real emotions, real flaws, real problems. But underneath all of that, was real love all wrapped up in a fast-paced, adventure-packed, mind blowing romance novel!

Who doesn’t love a story about cops and robbers? There is something so unique about how simple the story line was. There wasn’t so much going on that you couldn’t even keep up with the characters’ baggage. I do feel there could have been more detail put into the surroundings as it was happening, but other than that, this book was fantastic!!

Job well done Christy!! I am so looking forward to book #2!!!

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