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After being saved by a firefighter, Velaney Wills meets Eric Reilley, who recently moved from Texas to Boston to work on the Boston Fire Department. Ironically, Eric lives below Velaney and with his devilish charm, and sweet accent, Velaney is finding him hard to resist.

Velaney grew up in what should’ve been the perfect childhood. Her father owns his own dental practice, and her mother a Pastor. She wasn’t allowed to swear and never got into any trouble, however, her troubled and complicated past makes her build walls that she doesn’t let down easily.

Eric is fascinated with the fact that Velaney can’t swear. She uses filler words to express herself that he often finds hilarious. Velaney runs as her outlet – releasing the rage and anger she has built up inside her from a deep secret she’s never told anyone except her lifelong best friend, and roommate, Carissa.

Eric and Velaney become running partners – only securing their obvious sexual tension between them. No matter how much Velaney pushes Eric away, he will always be there to save her.

Brooke is a midwestern gal, from the cheese state of Wisconsin! Go Packers! She’s a stay-at-home mom of three beautiful children (one daughter & two stepsons) and a black fury dog. She’s studied psychology in college, and counseling and education in graduate school where she found her love for writing. Most days you can find her reading or writing, or just hanging out with her family! She loves movies, cooking, and shopping! She’s addicted to Starbucks, Coach purses, and wearing yoga pants.

Let me first say that I have always been a fan of Brooke! I simply love her writing and that she makes all her books and characters feel real! 

I fell in love with this book from the beginning. The characters were fantastic and the story line was phenomenal. Brooke sure knows how to tell a story. She always leaves you hungry for more!

Velaney was so easily written that I could have sworn that Brooke mirrored me! I could relate to her so much which made me love the story so much more. There were times I felt like slapping myself because in turn I would be slapping her! But, for reasons of self-preservation, I did not do this. I love that she grew with the story. Almost like Velaney was writing the story herself. Everything fell into place so smoothly and seamlessly. 

Eric can certainly come save my life…right now…yes, you heard me Brooke..I know you are hiding him! Who doesn’t love a man who is so sweet, so caring, and dripping with enough sex appeal to make any woman wet before he opens his mouth! It took me a minute to really figure out what was going on with him. I really thought the worst of him until I realized how the story grows into him. Do not be turned off by him in the beginning! You will regret it!

I love the comic relief given by Carissa. I like her character a lot. She reminds me of my best friend. She can turn any situation around with her funny bone and made me like her so much more. Brooke does an excellent job at making Aiden an @$$hole! I bet you know someone like him, don’t you Brooke? If not, I am going to be really surprised. It is so hard to write the bad guy because you want to like the bad guy in most stories, but not in this one. I hated him and I know it was meant to be that way, so kudos Brooke!
This book kept me enthralled until the very end. Brooke is a writing genius and I knew I was going to love it before I even started it. The were a lot of over-used phrases, but to me that doesn’t even matter. I loved the story, I loved the writing, and I especially loved the characters. It was seamless and enjoyable. You will not be sorry as I recommend this book to everyone. A definite 4 1/2 out of 5 stars!

I swing my arms around, crack my neck, and slam my feet to the pavement. Rage and anger are what feed my runs every single day. A childhood filled with regret and pure hatred is the focus of it all. What sounds like the perfect childhood—dentist father, pastor preaching mother, was anything but.
Oh god, I made it. Oh, sweet, baby cheese balls—as my mother would say—I’m home. Desperate for air and water, I sprint to the elevator. I slam my body against the back of the elevator, except it’s not the wall I’m used to hitting my hands on.
I look up and see Eric. Shirtless. Sweaty. He smiles down at me, and my hands that are supposed to be smacking the wall are pressed up against his hard, sweaty chest. Oh hells bells, he has a nipple ring. And tattoos. Good Lord, I’m doomed.
“I’m so sorry! Geez. I’m sorry, Eric. Did I hurt you?” What a ridiculous question.
“Of course not. I should be asking you that.” He laughs, well aware of how hard his chest is. His chest hairs are covered in sweat, but surprisingly it smells sweet. I’ve never had the urge to lick someone’s sweat off before, but he gives that thought a whole new meaning.
“Can I sue for wrist damage?” I tease back. Of course, it was my fault for running into him, but my wrist really did hurt.
“Can we settle out of court, at least? I can’t have felonies on my record.” He smirks, and I swear I feel my heart beating out of my chest. Holy shizzwizzle, his body is fracktastically hot.
Insanely hot.
“I suppose I could. What are you offering?” I ask, crossing my arms, seeing if he plays along.
“I could settle for dinner.” He smiles again and leans back on the railing.
“Dinner? You’re a cheap—”  Nope, I can’t say it. No matter how much I want to, I can’t get it out.
“Ass? Were you just about to call me a cheap ass?” he asks, pretending to sound offended. I laugh, embarrassed that he even noticed.
“Yeah, but I failed miserably.” He continues laughing as I feel my cheeks heat. “I’m not some childish good girl, I promise. It’s just that every time I swear, or attempt to that is, I see my mother’s sneering face in my head.”
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