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Fire Burns by Trista Day Blog Hop!!!!

Title: Fire Burns
Author: Trista Day
Series: The Unforgiven Series
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: Mar 2013
Callie Demasi just started her senior year at Crystalport High and her life couldn’t be any more ordinary. Then the nightmares start, and a strange creature tries to attack her in her sleep. If that isn’t bad enough, her body starts to do things she never imagined were possible; like hold fire in the palm of her hand. It seems that the only person who knows what’s really happening to her is a ghost creature named Draven – if she can keep him from disappearing on her. It’s not until after her best friend Zilla is kidnapped, and she meets the handsome and arrogant Cole, that Callie begins to put the pieces together. Will her newfound powers be strong enough to save the life of her BFF, or will they both be doomed to the same fate?
Trista Day is a married 29 year old mother of two with an obsession for collecting anything Alice in Wonderland and The Labyrinth. In between eating too much chocolate and watching The Fifth Element, she loves to read and write young adult/teen science fiction, fantasy and paranormal romance.

“Right,” she said following me inside skipping. I wish I could be as joyous about all
of this as she could. Maybe her positive attitude would rub off on me? Doubtful. Good
thing no one was home again, I thought as I wound my way around the dining room table and into the kitchen. I spun around to face her as she sidled onto a bar stool, folded her hands neatly in her lap and gazed at me levelly. I groaned. “Is this really necessary? Imean what if I can’t control it or something?” I asked.
“Well wouldn’t it be better if you practiced enough to be able to control it then?” she
replied logically. “Besides, it’s an added bonus that I’m here too in case anything should
go wrong. Right?”
She had a point, but I wasn’t certain she knew the extent of this craziness I was about
to unleash here. I sighed resignedly, put my arms out in front of me and closed my eyes.
I concentrated on everything I possibly could involving fire–the smell of brimstone, lava
and the various colors of red, orange, white and even blue flames. I imagined a house
ablaze and the heat that would emanate from it, trying to draw as much of its essence into me as I could. I opened my eyes slowly and found nothing. Exactly what I thought
would happen. I stamped my foot exasperated. “I told you it wouldn’t work.”
“Stop being so dramatic, maybe you didn’t try hard enough. Wait, I know, tell me
what you were thinking or feeling during the times you got that burning sensation.”
I thought back on it. The first time I was dreaming and I couldn’t really remember
anything from it. The second time was at school when Luke tried to kiss me, then the
volleyball tournament when I found out about Luke’s lie and then when he came over
and tried to hurt me. There was probably more, but those were the basics. “Uhm, I think
it might happen when I’m angry or scared, something like that.”
“Okay good, I have an idea. Take three deep cleansing breathes and close your
eyes.” I did as she said, inhaling and exhaling as deeply as possible to relax my muscles
and mind. Then I gently closed my eyelids, waiting for her next instruction. “Now think
back on the night with Luke, try to remember whatever it was he was doing or saying that
set you off.”
My mind tried repeatedly to block out that unpleasant incident, but I knew if I was
going to perform for her I’d have to dredge it up. I remained focused and instantly went
back to when Luke had me pinned against the counter, pulling as much of that fear into
me now. That’s when it hit me. It started in my hands and gradually culminated my
whole body so that when I opened my eyes everything had an orange tint to it. I glanced
around trying to absorb my surroundings through this weird veil of color when I noticed
that Zilla had gotten up from the table and was moving closer to me. She didn’t exactly
look frightened as I originally thought she’d be, more like stunned as she reached into her purse and pulled out her compact. She titled it at just the right angle and I gasped as my
heart skipped a beat. Every last inch of my body, from the top of my head to the tip of
my toes, was literally on fire. I looked like a flaming angel, absolutely terrifying if you
ask me. I lifted my hands up towards my face, inspecting both sides, and then dropped
my head to the floor to check out my feet. I got a wild idea and tried clasping my palms
together which caused the flames to rise higher.
I stood there completely mortified until I staggered forward almost falling flat on my
face, feeling excessively weak and panicked. Okay now how to make it stop? If getting
myself all worked up caused it to ignite, then maybe if I think of something calming it
would fade? I pictured ocean waves lapping at my ankles under pale moonlight,
surrounded by stars and felt the heat glowing through me subside. I took a gander at my
clothes and everything was still in tact. No trace of burn marks which I found odd
considering what happened with Luke. I wouldn’t even have believed what just
happened if it hadn’t been for the look on Zilla’s face. Her jaw was practically dragging
on the floor. When we locked eyes I expected her to throw her arms up above her head
and dip out, but she just smiled as if this was the most normal thing in the world.
“That was off the chains,” she said clapping.
“What? You’ve got to be kidding me. I thought you’d be like freaked out or
something and run screaming from my house.”
“Nah, I dig it. The supernatural stuff tickles my fancy,” she said through giggles. I
must have had the craziest expression on my face because she added, “Don’t look at me
like that I’m not going to sell you to the circus or anything.”
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