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A Simple Touch by Natasha Wilson Blog Hop and REVIEW!!!!

A Simple Touch by Natasha Wilson
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Jordan Thomas doesn’t have the time or the physical capability to even contemplate being in a relationship. Her past has altered her present so much that she has no choice but to perfect her shields and harden her heart. No man has come close to breaking through those shields in two years.

Until Blake.
Blake Barnes is exactly what Jordan is trying to stay away from but he refuses to let her attitude and proneness for disasters stop him from what he wants…to make her his. Little by little, Jordan’s will crumbles under Blake’s relentless pursuit. All she has to do is find the courage to stay…
Can she give him what he wants? Can he be what she needs?
*18+ up due to adult content*

A resident of Texas, I spend most of my days trying to turn my three girls into polite young ladies (it’s not working). To somewhat keep my sanity, I spend my nights writing about love and the crazy, and sometimes beautiful, things that life can throw your way. My husband couldn’t be happier because I’m much easier to live with now.

This book was a very sweet story about a woman overcoming tragedy and finding love in a man who loved her and accepted her.
I liked the characters in this. The author gave a fresh spin to them and made them enjoyable to read. I really liked that the story was very to the point. There wasn’t a whole lot of drama going on or angst so it captured my attention and held it.  
Not that this story didn’t have it’s share of drama! There were a few moments with Jordan’s past but Blake still overshadowed them and made them not so much like teenage love!  This story has a very good happily ever after which I always enjoy! The secondary characters add a bit of air to the story because they keep it light.

Overall, this was a very good book. I like how it was written, it was very well thought out, and very well executed. It was very much enjoyable and as the reader, I was able to immerse myself in it. Anyone who is a romance lover will LOVE this book!! Plus, who can resist a happily every after?

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