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Unmasking Paulie Bingham by Anne Carter Blog Hop and GIVEAWAY!!!!!

Title: Unmasking Paulie Bingham
Author: Anne Carter
Genre: Romance, Murder Mystery
“The last thing I expected was to fall in love with a woman.”
Until Katrina Newman touched his face for the first time, British pop star Paulie Bingham was content with his openly gay lifestyle. That he could be any other way never entered his mind. Now, with Kate tugging at his heartstrings, he begins a journey of self-discovery that will lead him through the best—and worst—times of his life.
Though her faith in him sometimes falters, Kate’s love for Paulie never ebbs despite his obsessive ways, his foray into drugs and his habitual infidelity. But will his connection to a high-profile Londonmurder case prove more than Kate & Paulie’s tattered relationship can handle?
“I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else,” Anne Carter asserts, when asked about her life in Southern California, where she’s lived since she was two. She cites the people, the weather and the beach as factors in her love affair with the West coast. Family, too, provides an anchor to the area, which she describes as a melting pot of humanity, “rich with characters and plots just waiting to be written.”
While romantic mystery and suspense are her favorites, Anne has written middle grade mysteries, literary shorts, poetry and non-fiction. Long a lighthouse fanatic, it was only a matter of time before her obsessions intersected and a series of lighthouse novels emerged. Paranormal elements abound in both POINT SURRENDER and CAPE SEDUCTION, where mystery, romance and troubled ghosts provide hauntingly entertaining tales set in California lighthouses.
When she is not writing, editing or promoting, Anne enjoys time with her husband and children, two happy dogs and a psychotic cat. She is a skilled photo editor and loves restoring old snapshots and creating digital slideshows. Watch for the third paranormal lighthouse mystery, ANGEL’S GATE, coming soon!
For more about Anne Carter and to read excerpts, visit www. BeaconStreetBooks.com or write AnneCarter@BeaconStreetBooks.com.
“I’m here to see Paulie Bingham.”
“What makes you think he’s here?”
Kate swallowed, narrowed her eyes, and looked past the man into the house. “Because I gave him that leather jacket on the couch there, and he never goes anywhere without it,” she lied.
“You expect me to believe that? And who are you?” Arms akimbo, the man squared his stance, tried to block her view.
“I’m his fucking mother.” Now certain that Paulie was inside, Kate muscled her way in, tossed her bag onto the couch. “Where is he?”
Sullen, the man gestured toward the hallway.
Kate paused. “I suggest you get dressed and leave. Now.”
“Oh, no way. Dude owes me money. I don’t mind giving him a little extra time to get himself together, so I’ll just hang out.”
The cowboy boots placed neatly beside the wall clearly weren’t Paulie’s style. Kate picked them up, along with an adjacent stack of folded clothing, and shoved them at the man. “How much?”
“One hundred for the hour. No, wait. Two hundred. Because he’s a junkie. Makes it tough.”
Kate pulled some bills from the hip pocket of her jeans. “Here’s twenty. Be glad I don’t bust you, too. Now get the hell out.” She flashed a fake movie badge she had pocketed just in case.
The rent boy gave her a wide-eyed stare, then hurried into his pants and carried the rest out the door. Kate sighed, waited until she heard the sports car start up and drive away.
She was hesitant to go into the bedroom, afraid of what she might find. Afraid not to.
She eased the door open. “Paulie?” she beckoned softly, peering into the darkened room. The light from a nightstand clock radio barely illuminated the figure of a man lying on the bed.
“Paul?” she repeated, taking a halting step into the room. “Are you okay? It’s Kate.” She didn’t realize she was holding her breath until she heard him sigh. “Thank you,” she whispered, then moved closer to the bed.
“I wish… I wish you were really here,” came his softly spoken words, wistful, weak.
“I amhere.”
“You are always here. But you always go ‘way.”
Kate went to him, sat down on the edge of the bed, found his hand in the darkness. “I won’t go away. I promise.”
Author Interview
  1. What are your ambitions for your writing career?
To entertain. To enlighten. To share good fiction.
  1. Which writers inspire you?
Years ago, when I was just starting out, I was very inspired by Nora Roberts. Also, Nicholas Sparks (but not because he was so good.)
  1. What have you written? (*Include books, novellas, short stories, poems, blogs, awards, or anything of interest*)
All by Anne Carter unless noted:
In Too Deep – Contemporary Romance
Starfire – Alternative Romance (Novella)
When Harry Met Soli – General Fiction (Novella)
StarCrossed Hearts – Contemporary Romance
A Hero’s Promise – Romantic Suspense
The Gypsy in Me – Romantic Suspense (WIP)
Point Surrender – Romantic Mystery (Paranormal elements)
Cape Seduction – Romantic Mystery (Paranormal elements)
Angel’s Gate – Romantic Mystery (Paranormal elements) (WIP)
Unmasking Paulie Bingham – Alternative Romance
For the Love of Katrina Bingham – Alternative Romance
“Just Like Jay”  by Pam Ripling – from Murder in La La Land –Anthology by Sisters in Crime/LA
Locker Shock  by Pam Ripling – Middle Grade Mystery
Old Enough by Pam Ripling – Middle Grade Mystery
Eureka! by Pam Ripling – Short Story published in Thema Literary Magazine
We Sat on the Grass at Lunch Time  by Pam Ripling – Nostalgic poem published in Peace Magazine
  1. Give us some insight into the main character. What does he/she do that is so special?
In Unmasking Paulie Bingham, Paulie is truly special. He is confused about his own sexuality after meeting a woman that turns his world upside down. As someone who’s always been confident about himself and where he’s been, Paulie’s encounter with Kate causes him to seriously question his future.
  1. What are you working on right now?
I actually have two books on the WIP desktop, but the one getting the most attention is Angel’s Gate, the third in the Beacon Street Mysteries series.
  1. What genre are your books?
They are all over the place, but romance is a common thread.
  1. What draws you to this genre?
It’s a universal theme. Even people who say they don’t like/read romance find that they really do. Consider:  Jason Bourne has a love interest; James Bond has shed tears over a woman. Aragorn struggles between his love for Arwen and his attraction to Eowyn.
  1. When did you decide to become an author?
I started writing in junior high school. My Creative Writing teacher encouraged me after a few short stories caught her eye. I didn’t start trying to get published until I was past baby-raising age, however!
  1. Where do your ideas come from?
Does anyone really answer this question? J  I do have a giant mental filing cabinet where I store experiences, ideas, concepts, etc., that occur to me on a day-by-day basis. I think we all do that. If I need a setting, I might draw on a street scene I’ve walked through in D.C., Seattle, Singapore or Barcelona. When my protags went to London, I had places I’d been for them to visit in the book. Stuff like that!
  1. What was the hardest thing about writing your latest book?
This is a great question. I wrote this book very quickly, because I felt passionate about the subject. However, that very subject kept me from getting it published for the longest time. Having a gay man as the protagonist was a risk. People might assume there to be elements to the book that don’t actually exist. Those who’ve ventured to read it find it a heartwarming story of the commitment between two people, regardless of their sexual persuasion. Paulie is sweet, funny, charming and sometimes, broken. Readers want for his happiness.
  1. How many more books do you plan to be in this series?
This series has two parts. Part 2, For the Love of Katrina Bingham, releases on September 1st!
  1. Who designs your book covers?
I actually do all my own covers.
  1. How are you published (*i.e. indie, traditional, or both) and why?
I have been traditionally published since 2001. However, like many, I’ve recently ventured into the “Indie” world and have not looked back. I really like having control over the production of my books, from start to finish. I like being able to choose my editor, my pricing, my covers. If a customer has a problem, I know I will be able to fix it. Clearly, there are advantages to being traditionally published, too, especially for authors new to the industry without the experience to tap into necessary resources to go indie. Plus, there is a stigma attached to being “worthy” if a traditional publish accepts your work. This image may or may not be warranted. We all know a lot of unworthy work gets published, just as some stellar books are indie-produced.
  1. How do you market your books?
Market them? You mean I’m supposed to be doing that? LOL. Actually, it’s a learning thing, all the time. What worked yesterday won’t work tomorrow. I do what everyone else does:  I blab on Facebook & Twitter, I run contests, I blog and blog-hop, I talk about my books until I’m embarrassed. I have book launches, go to book and author festivals. I trade promotion with other authors. Word of mouth is paramount.
  1. Did you make any marketing mistakes or is there anything you would avoid in the future?
Mistakes mainly have to do with spending hard cash on marketing with little or no results. Print advertising hasn’t been particularly fruitful for me. If I was already a household name, it would probably work better. I also paid a publicist for a while, but frankly, she didn’t get me anything I couldn’t have gotten myself.
  1. What is your favorite motivational phrase?
Hope by Emily Dickenson
“Hope is the thing with feathers/That perches in the soul/And sings the tune without the words/And never stops – at all.”
  1. What is your favorite book and why?
I could never name any one book, unfortunately. Some recent books I’ve loved include:  The Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford; The Tortilla Curtain by T.C. Boyle; Freezer Burn by Gayle Carline; The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins.
  1. What advice would you give to new authors (and your younger self)?
a) Work hard, but don’t worry so much.
b)  Don’t expect miracles, create them.
c)  Write to please yourself first. You will always be the best promoter of your work, and if you aren’t enthused, no one will be.
  1. How can readers discover more about you?
  1. To end: Give us three Good to Know things about you. Be creative.
a)  One thing we didn’t mention is my two names. When my first romance was about to be published, I wanted a pen name because I thought it was cool. After all, Nora had two names, right? My father had recently passed away and I wanted to pay him homage by using my maiden name, which is Carter. My middle name is Ann(e), so I became Anne Carter. Later, when I started writing children’s fiction, I used my “everyday” name of Pam Ripling.
b)  Chocolate. Actually, Dark Chocolate. (You already know what the question was.)
c)  Lighthouses; old movies; photographs; graphic arts; classic rock; Jonny Lee Miller; Mexican food; green tea; convertibles; travel; London, Edinburgh, York; Port Townsend, Washington; dogs; genealogy; Photoshop; ice cream; (enough, already? J)
Thank you so much, Melissa! I lined out the questions I didn’t answer, because I felt you didn’t really expect me to answer them all—I’m wordy enough as it is! Great interview…!

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