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15 Day Blogger Challenge-Day 12

How Do You Fight Blogger Fatigue?
Blogger fatigue? What in the world is that?!? LOL
Just kidding. OK, being serious now, um well, the only way I can think of is not to overload yourself.
See, I know there are a lot of authors out there and we want to help them all. I understand. But, at some point we have to realize we can only do so much. Especially with blog tour companies requiring posts being top post of the day. That means you can only do 1-2 tours and such a day and that’s it. But, I remedied that problem. I got 2 blogs.
Yes, that is correct. 2 blogs. That means I can do 3-4 posts a day. I know that seems like a lot but I really love doing it. It is so fun and I get to learn new things everyday. Plus, I get such exposure to all the new authors and new books I never would get without them.
So, here I am talking about avoiding blogger fatigue while running 2 blogs. LOL! Talk about irony! The best way to avoid it is to not overwhelm yourself. I keep a spreadsheet of all the tours I am doing so I don’t book the same one twice and I keep a planner so I don’t forget (I don’t trust digital calendars). This helps keep me in line and let’s me know when I have scheduled too much so that the week before or following I don’t schedule as many.
Also, as much as authors LOVE reviews, do not schedule tours with reviews back to back or more than 2 in one week. I have done it now 3 months in a row and I am getting worn out. It puts you on a time schedule for reading and that alone can cause some serious fatigue. Especially if you work or have other obligations where you can’t just sit and read all day. Spread out your review tours so you don’t have as many back to back and just enjoy spreading the word. If you don’t because you are an addict like I am, then don’t complain. I don’t. I LOVE it!
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