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15 Day Blogger Challenge-Day 10

How Do You Choose What To Read Next?

Well..lets see. It depends.
If I am doing a tour that has a review to do for it, I ALWAYS read those first and foremost. I never want to miss my review for a tour because I know how important they are for the author. Plus, I love doing reviews. I am honest in my review and the constructive criticism is good for authors. Without it, they really don’t know where they stand with us fickle readers. And you know what? Because of this rule, I read the most profound book EVER!!! I know that sounds far-fetched right? WRONG!!! This book was by far the best book I have ever read. And not for the reason you are thinking. I posted the link below so you can check out my review.
But, if that isn’t the case, I take a gander at my book jar. Yup, book jar. Whenever I buy a book, whether E-book or not, I jot it down on a little piece of construction paper, fold it up like a little book, and place it in a jar. Whenever it is time for a new book (and there is no tour going on), I reach in there for my next ticket to paradise. I know, it sounds kind of stupid. But, I love the surprise and the idea that I don’t really have the control over what I read next. This also helps books that get bought get read and not start collecting dust. 
What way do you use?

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