Jul 22

15 Day Blogger Challenge-Day 9

Why Do You Blog About Books?

Ooh wow…that is a really good question. Well, it’s like this…
I love to talk. I really don’t care what I am talking about so long as I am talking. I have run into the situation a time or two where I have wanted to talk to someone about a book I have read and I have no one talk to. So, I began a blog. I was bored one day and thought..what the hell, right?
Since then, I haven’t been able to stop. My husband thinks I have completely lost my mind because he can’t understand how important books are to me. I’m sorry. Don’t worry honey. I love you too. I promise. LOL
So, now that I have a blog I can tell all about the books I am reading and I can promote books for authors needing to get the word out. I feel like I am doing something. Which, since I quit my job in October, has become necessary for me to keep my sanity. I hope I can pass my love of books onto someone else. There is no greater pleasure in life than escaping into someone else’s world. 

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