15 Day Blogger Challenge-Day 6

Describe How You Shop for Books

Well, where do I start? 

First off, I must admit to you that I do not pay full price for books. I personally see a vintage book as a better bargain. I know, I know..you want to slap me. But hey, if someone gets rid of that book, I feel like it is homeless and I have to give it a home.

So, that being said, I go mostly to consignment stores. Sometimes I will go to a big box book store but I immediately flee to the clearance section and buy from there. So, once I get there, I look at the covers first. If I see a book with a beautiful or a unique cover I look at those first. Sometimes I don’t even look at the back of the book to see what it is about (cringing cuz I know you are screaming!) before I buy it.

So, once I do a once over for books with awesome covers, I then re-scan the same books for authors I recognize. This is because I am collecting a lot of series and I have to finish collecting before I can start reading them. OCD I suppose.

Then, I re-scan a third time for books that sound interesting (no matter the genre). I look at the titles and read the backs based on the title of the book. I know there are so many more good books out there with terrible titles but I can’t own a book with a horrible title. (Please don’t thrown anything at me 🙁 )

Once I have found the books that I want, I take them up to the register IMMEDIATELY to buy them. The reason I say that is I can’t tell you how many times I have put books back because I looked at something else and decided I didn’t want them anymore. Once I buy them, I giggle all the way to my car (especially if I find something I have been looking for).

This is my buying strategy. I never miss a book store sale, garage sale, book sale in my area, or any other book buying opportunity. I love buying books, collecting books, looking at books, touching books, oh hell…..I LOVE BOOKS!!!

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  1. Oh mine is slightly different.

    I bought a Kindle because I ran out of space a long time ago, and every time I received a book in the post my mum would go on a long rant…(My books broke two drawer shelves – the weight.) So now I only buy physical copies of book series that I have but haven't completed.

    I buy ebooks from Amazon and Kobo. Amazon I buy mainly indie because they have sales more often. With Kobo they have voucher codes. I recently bought two books from there with 90% off. 64p each. On amazon they were around £5 each. So super happy with that.

    And not two seconds ago I bought book 2-5 in the Jaz Parks series from ebay. They're used… but condition is supposed to be good-very good. I don't really like buying used books without seeing them but they were super cheap. Jennifer Rardin books are crazy expensive.

    When/if I ever get my own place I think I'll be buying a lot more paperback than ebooks, but needs must.

    Oh and I can't forget NetGalley. Get lots of books from there for reviewing. Found lots of authors that are going to take more money away from me.

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