A Brand New Ending by S.A. Rolls REVIEW, Blog Hop, and GIVEAWAY!!!

Title: A Brand New Ending
Author: S.A. Rolls

Genre: Contemporary Romance/New Adult

Phoenix Harper never imagined her life would come to this: A life not worth living anymore.
After a failed suicide attempt, Phoenix is sent to be observed at a local psychiatric hospital. There she meets Braeden Harris, a hospital aide with his own haunting past.
Not long after their first encounter, they feel an unexplainable pull towards one another. Will fate bring them together, or will outside forces tear them apart?
S.A. Rolls is a native of the Bay Area, where she attended culinary school and obtained a degree in baking and pastry. When she is not baking, she spends her time reading and writing. Stephanie reads anything – from biographies of her favorite president to the most popular YA series. Inspired by her surroundings, she has written her first novel, based in San Francisco, her favorite city. She currently lives with her boyfriend and their five-year-old pug.

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I was intrigued right off the bat for this book (if you read my blogger challenge, I tend to buy books because of their covers) because I thought the cover was BEAUTIFUL!!! It isn’t very often that you see a book cover in black and white so I found that very unique. 

The story starts with Phoenix at the Golden Gate Bridge ready to end her life. We then meet Braeden who works for a psychiatric hospital. I so feel for Phoenix in this. I have to say I have been there. That place where you feel like there isn’t anywhere to go but out. It is a terrible feeling so I could relate with her.

Phoenix 18 year old girl who had to survive losing her father. I love my father very much so I know the day that comes, I’m going to be just as broken. She then went to live with her mom and step-father who couldn’t seem to stop beating her. So, she makes the decision to end her life. This choice brings her to the one person she can’t live without. 

Braeden is a college student studying medicine.  He is living the good life, but can relate with Phoenix as he too knows loss through suicide.The story progresses to Braeden and Phoenix learning about each other and becoming familiar with each other.

I really enjoyed this story as I felt like I also was learning about two people I have never met. The story was so profound as it really dug deep down inside of you to draw out feelings deep inside you don’t feel on a normal basis.  The story kept me captivated that I didn’t even suspect the curve ball that was going to be thrown my way. It was all so seamless. The writing was phenomenal. I always enjoy POV stories because you can understand what is going on with each person so nothing gets missed. It was well written, well thought out, and well delivered. The twist at the end really floored me. 
I would recommend this book to everyone. It was a quick read, but I felt like the book could have went on forever. I was so engaged with the characters that I wanted to know more! This is a book with a very non-typical ending. This book is adequately titled…A Brand New Ending. 

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“I don’t want to go anywhere, Braeden. Wherever you are is where I want to be.”
I think my heart does a back flip. “You have no idea how happy that makes me, hearing you say that.”
She gives me a sly smile, her fingers playing in and around mine.
“Can’t describe how amazing this feels,” she speaks. “I’ve never had anyone care for me like you do.”
“That’s a shame,” I respond quickly. “You deserve so much more than that.”
“Do I?”
I lean over her so that our faces are close but I make sure to do it gently, afraid that she might retreat from my touch.
“Yes,” I say softly as our eyes are locked on each other.
We hold our position and I can tell she is nervous, but I want her to make the first move. I made the mistake of pushing it on her the first time and I won’t be doing that again. I can feel the heat of her breath on my face, its oddly intoxicating. But I hold still. I start to count the number of my heartbeats when I suddenly feel force against my lips. I hold back the smile, my hand coming up to cup her cheek. I start to move my lips against her, the waves of ecstasy flowing through my body. After a second, her lips start to move in unison with mine. I’ve kissed lots of women, but it’s never felt quite like this. I don’t know how long it lasts, but I refrain from sticking my tongue in her mouth, fearing that may be too much. I then swear I feel her moan in my mouth, and it’s the most incredible fucking turn on I have ever heard in my life. She must have realized it too considering she pulled her lips off mine, her hands coming up to her mouth.
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