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15 Day Blogger Challenge-Day 5

Recommend a Tear Jerker
A tear jerker? Hmmm…the biggest problem is I don’t really read tear jerkers. I like books where someone is getting their thoat ripped out or falling helplessly in love…hmm…this is going to be good.
I guess if I had to think of one that ripped my heart out of my chest was
The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold
This story was about a normal family growing up in suburbia. The younger teenager gets abducted and killed by a serial killer in the neighborhood. I won’t tell you what happens but, it wasn’t that that got me. It was her dad.
You could feel the connection between Susie and her father from the very beginning. So, when tragedy strikes, you could feel the emotions of the father pouring out the pages. I could feel my heart breaking along with his.
Susie then comes out of the pages from her vantage point in heaven telling her story as it happened. But as she goes through this, she finds out some things about her killer she didn’t know as well. There is a little twist at the end that will pull your heartstrings and tangle them. Susie watches as her family starts to cope with her loss and deal with a reality she is no longer a part of.
Alice Sebold did such a wonderful job writing this story. I was gripped by each and every page, each and every twist, each and every revelation. Alice also made the most sympathetic and loving father probably in contemporary literature. This story is fantastic and the tissues kept coming as I finished this book.
When I rated this book I gave it 5 stars because I still think about this book 4 years after I read it. Now that is something to remember,

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