15 Day Blogger Challenge-Day 4

What’s the last book you flung across the room?

Hmm…the last book I flung across the room? Well, I recently got excited about a new vampire series I found through Goodreads. The series was “The Hollows” by Kim Harrison. The book name was Dead Witch Walking (which is the very first book).
First off, I like erotica books. Don’t get me wrong, they spin my wheels. But, girl on girl erotica does NOTHING for me. Now, where this book didn’t really have that (at least not up to where I flung it), the angst was between two females. COME ON!!!! I like angst between guy and girl (preferably with the girl being the human 😉 )
So, inevitably, this book got flung. I just simply cannot read about a female vampire trying not to drain a female human. There are people out there that tell me I just should have finished the book regardless because it wasn’t fair to judge the book before I finished it. Really? You must like girl on girl angst/erotica..hell I don’t even know what to call it!! I don’t. I know it isn’t fair to judge a book before you finish it, but I just simply could not read anymore of “I tried so hard not to drain her essence” blah blah blah and it’s coming from a woman to another woman!!
SO, if you really like this series, I am sorry. I could not finish the first book.
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  1. Love Kim it took me the first two books to really get into the series I was not a fan of the stuff with Ivy. The series gets better I promise lol, I have read them all.

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