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Curves and the Cowboy by Jenn Roseton Review, Blog Hop, and GIVEAWAY!!

When curvy Sarah Grant comes home to Coldwater Springs after spending six years in the city, the last person she expects to bump into is sexy Chase McCord.  After having a teenage crush on him for years, she thought she was finally over him.  After all, why keep fantasizing about someone you can never have?  But when Chase makes it clear he’s ready to claim her for his own, Sarah finds it hard to believe him.  Can he convince her they were made for each other?

Jenn Roseton believes that romance and hot sex go together. When she’s not writing erotic romance, she indulges in delicious gourmet chocolate. Her books include the Hot and Sexy series, the Seduced by the Boss series and BBW Needs Hot Sex.  Find out about her latest news, promotions and new releases at www.JennRoseton.com.

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In Curves and the Cowboy Sarah is coming back to her hometown after six years away, when she runs into her teenage crush, Chase. Chase has waited a long time for Sarah and once she is back in town he wastes no time getting her to go out with him and the sparks start to fly.

Chase asks her out on a date and you begin to wonder, because Sarah is a curvier girl, if Chase really wants to go out with her or if he just wants another notch on his belt. 

I liked this story. There wasn’t any of the normal drama associated with the romance novels I am used to reading but that was okay. Sometimes I just want to read something simple.

This book was more real to life than most of the romance novels I read. With Sarah being a curvier girl, like life is most times, she wouldn’t get the hot guy. But not this story!! For once, I am so glad to hear that she does. I mean give me a cowboy story any day!! But, I like that the love interest is a normal girl (or what is normal in these days).

This was a really quick read, but a good one. I would recommend this to anyone who likes their romances to be simple, yummy, and quick. Thank you to the author for bringing romance into the real world.

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5 winners: eBook Copy of Curves and the Cowboy and the complete series of Seduced by the Boss. 
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