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Blogger 15 Day Challenge-Day 2

What’s your bedtime reading ritual?
Well, that all depends. It depends on what time I go to bed.
See, I used to take whatever book I was reading with me to bed and I would read until I couldn’t keep my eyes open. But, then I started letting the dogs sleep with me and they think that as long as the light is on, it’s play time. So, I started just sitting in the living room and reading until I can’t keep my eyes open.
The thing I love most about that is since I don’t smoke in the house, I can get up whenever and go smoke without waking the hubby. Before I met him, I would just take my ashtray with me and smoke while I read (I miss those days). Then, I never had to stop reading. I could just keep going and going and going. LOL
I also can snack while I read when I sit in the living room. I mean, who wants to sleep with crumbs in the bed. right? So, I can pack on the pounds while reading my favorite book!!
So, it is safe to say I don’t really have a ritual. Unless you consider staying up late, stuffing my face, smoking, and reading a ritual!! LOL
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