COVER COVET!!! Awakening the Fire by Jake Bonsignore

I am so glad you took the time out of your busy schedule to stop by!!! We are drooling over the newly released cover of Awakening the Fire: Book Two of the Inferno Unleashed!!!

Without further ado…here it is!!!

Awakening the Fire (Cover)

Breena Taljain’s idyllic days in Araboth came to a skidding halt when circumstances forced her into the dangerous hinterlands. The dire sacrifice she made to protect her comrades tainted her heart with hatred and despair. To cleanse herself she must outrun Death’s relentless pursuit and venture into the bleak unknown. With the odds stacked against her, stumbling into love when she least expects it may very well be her saving grace.

Meanwhile, succumbing to the Patriarch’s devious traps has Galbrecht Atalir questioning his motives. The folly of his recklessness has left him physical scarred and mentally traumatized. Now he must overcome more adversity as the wrath of the Sin Ministry bears down upon him. He will need more than wits and quick fists to find the truth he has sought for seven years.

Alas, every second Breena is apart from Galbrecht draws her further into strife. With her world rapidly crumbling inwards, she puts everything on the line for a last stand against the ruthless force that threatens to destroy all she holds dear….

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  1. I see you’re helping out with Jake Bonsignore as well. Awesome!

    1. I help with anyone that I can. Especially if the genre fits 🙂

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