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I can’t have my plates?

So today I went to the DMV to get plates for my vehicle. I go in, I take my number, and I find a seat to wait for my turn. The DMVs are getting alot better at customer service so the wait times are not that long anymore. I go to the teller when they call my number. I tell the teller that I need to get plates for a vehicle I just bought. The teller pleasantly says “I can help you with that. Can I see your license?” I handed my license to her and she says “Is this the correct address on your license?” I told her I had just moved and so I wanted the plates to be in the county that I lived in now and not the county on my license. 

This is where it gets interesting. It has been a long time since I got plates for a vehicle. I have had the same plate since I bought my first car 11 years ago. Apparently, now they could care less if you just moved. They now require that you have two pieces of mail with the new address on it in order to change the address to reflect the correct county. Oh…wait…wait a minute….It must be two BILLS!!!!!!! Are you fucking kidding me? Let me lay this out…I just moved into an all utilities paid apartment so no bill there. I have my cell phone bill but I had to call and change the address and have them send me a bill. Other than that, I don’t have any other bills. Oh yeah, by the way, my paper plate expires in like 2 days.

Yes, I should have went sooner but how was I supposed to know you had to have all this shit if I haven’t had a new plate in 11 years? I feel there should have been something sent to me telling me of these changes. When I bought my first plate all I had to do was show them my drivers license. I know we are trying to make sure that people who aren’t supposed to be driving aren’t but who is paying for this? I am!!!!! I am an American, legal driver. Why do I have to prove myself? 

So, my plates are going to expire before I have a chance to get two bills in the mail and the DMV won’t do anything about it. I still have to drive this vehicle and whenI get pulled over I’m probably going to get a ticket and maybe my vehicle towed. All because of people in our country not driving legally. Fuck all of you!!!!!!!! I am so tired of this shit!!!!!

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